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Hokay. I wasn't going to do this, but several people have talked me into this [okay, and a shiny spreadsheet].

Hi Author!

I don't want to box you in, which is why I've avoided writing a letter thus far. But really, when I say 'write me a story' that is pretty much all I mean, save for a few details.

Thirteen Ways of Looking At A Blackbird - Wallace Stevens
Man, Woman, Blackbird
Tell me a story! No incest/non/dub-con.

CROSSOVER OPTION: Emily Dickenson's Hope is the thing with feathers. I mean, c'mon. There's no reason why the little bird that sings the tune without the words *can't* be the blackbird.

Oedipus Cycle - Sophocles
Laius, Oedipus
Tell me a story! No non/dub con, please. Incest kinda comes with the territory, though I'd rather you didn't.

Le Petit Prince
The Fox, The Prince
à cause de la couleur du blé' is the saddest line I have ever read.

And yet ...
'Quand je pense à tous les livres qu’il me reste à lire, j’ai la certitude d’être encore heureux.' Jules Renard

His Dark Materials
Iorek Byrnison, Serafina Pekkala, Xaphania
What comes after?

I'd like Lyra's efforts - if any - to be of as little focus as possible, and focus instead on these other 'major' characters.

No non/dub con, incest, la la, all that jazz, please.
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