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Hello Author! Thanks for writing for me! I have a bit of a comics theme this year (with one quirky exception).

Generally, I like character focus, with characters conquering their fears or finding hidden strengths. I like realistic romantic scenes (the more awkward, the better, especially for first times). I like slice-of-life just as much as I like plottier things. I don't like crack and I'm not usually a fan of AU's unless I specifically note them. I have a deep love of unreliable narrators, especially for most of these fandoms. I like tragic backstories, but only if it's not as a result of rape or child abuse.

Some of these requests are longer than others; please don't mistake my lack of wordy glee as somehow liking one less than the other; rather, I would be so happy with anything you did for them! Some of them I have a lot of thoughts that need thoughting for. Some of them are so quick and easy - I love them all.

On to the fandoms, which are listed in alphabetical order:

The Baby Sitters Club Club (podcast)
Jason Jasonson, Goliath Hardbody, Wandering Frog People

I was linked this by a friend of mine who told me I needed to listen. I was sceptical. Sometime during the first episode, I texted my friend 'goddammit' and have been hooked since. I finally fully caught up a few weeks ago and am now at the frustrated point of following a canon of having consumed all the old stuff rapidly and have to wait a week between new episodes. It is about the only thing that makes Mondays bearable.

I love Jack's eager attempts at actual intellectual discourse and how Tanner crushes them, over and over again. I love the elaborate readings of the text and how even the mundane things, like a game called Wandering Frog People, turns into a vast global conspiracy. I would love a fic where Goliath Hardbody and his workforce (Jason Jasonson was the only one I could definitively confirm through Google, but I'm certain there's Mike Mikerson and a David Davidson as well if you wanted to include them) are caught up in this global conspiracy of the Wandering Frog People. What must they do to be safe? Who is the 'Eve' who started this all? What happens to people who have lost the game? Is this any relation to The Game? (You just lost The Game).

If you were feeling bold and wanted to crossover with The Baby Sitters Club Club RPF and include Jack and Tanner, I would definitely not object.

If you have a different idea, go wild! My only hard DNW is shipping Jack/Tanner. Please also don't include the girls, I don't see why they need to be involved.

Viv Headland

I go through Image Solicitations to find new stuff to read, and that's how I came on Injection when the second TP came up. Talk about instantly hooked from just the summary blurb. I haven't consumed something this fast since discovering Saga. Headland is my favorite character, but I love the whole 3CU. I'd really love anything that gives us backstory into Headland. Headland's past with Rubedo is an interesting avenue to potentially explore. Because he MUST have a past with them. There's way too many subtle hints dropped for this to be just knowledge he happens to know. But anything with his past will do. A logician and an ethicist walk into a bar … Or how did he get to be such partnership with Lucy? How did she come to trust him? What incidents led to their code? In another vein, any Robin/Viv whether present or backstory, romantic or otherwise, would be interesting. Especially since they are such different personalities. Super bonus points for unreliable narrator and/or The Injection with them. I also like Headland's banter with Red. "I believe there should be a deduction for being a show off fucker" sums up their relationship nicely. Banning Noble from speaking because he thinks television has got worth watching is as problematic as it is amusing. I would enjoy slice-of-life with Headland and his staff that doesn't try to take itself too seriously - which television Noble?! Defend your premise!

The third TP comes out in late November, at which point that will be the furthest I'm caught up, but please incorporate anything from there into the story if something catches your interest!

And can we talk about the science here? The future is going to be slow because we hit a peak of innovation; more innovation has happened in the last month than happened over the course of earlier centuries - which I'm not sure I subscribe to. Sure, the innovation wasn't technological advancements, but the human knowledge advancements aren't quite as scalable. Islam spread pretty quickly around the globe during the 8th century, not to mention innovations in 'fighting your enemy and growing your kingdom'. Beowulf is dated to the 8th century - does the new iPhone 8 or Beowulf have more of an impact in the fabric of reality? Is more storage space and facial recognition on the same scale of innovation as the invention of gunpowder? The ancient Romans figured out birth control well before the Pill was invented. Why do we define innovation in the purely technological? The series plays with this, with myths coming to life and nature twisting and leans heavily towards the latter - or at least hints that trying to dive back into the past to look for innovation means looking in the wrong places at the wrong times. But then you have the notion that capital has more deep impactful vibrations than religion does, and the Injection is learning based on our world now, and throwing up redflags based on what it's learned moreso than what it already knows, so what it's all just a recursive loop? If that makes any sense. I tend to feel very drunk after reading Injection and thinking about it for too much longer. You can ignore this entire paragraph of rambling headcanon if you'd like; I'm interested in YOUR take on it!

DNW: Viv as Sherlock Holmes. Yea, he's got this uncanny demeanor, but he's not the reincarnation of him, or whatever. Leave Headland Headland. Mostly cos Maria wears it better, but that's not an invitation to Sherlock her up either. I was torn between offering Headland or Maria, but my curiosity about Headland's past won out. One thing I definitely do not want is an ensemble fic. Or Headland/Lucy in a romantic pairing.

Manifest Destiny (Comics)

Hokay. I started this on a lark and … now read it serially and literally count down the days until a new comic counts out. We're at #31 now, and will be at … #33 for Yuletide, I believe. Anything that is revealed can be incorporated. Here's some specific thoughts on the characters:

M. Boniface: Where did she grow up? What was it like? What led her to deciding she would go settle the West? Did she have a say? What skills has she learnt along the way? She consistently pushes herself to be seen as the equal to the men she's with - how has she struggled or failed in that attempt? She's very stoic, even in the face of extreme supernatural things; one does not press on like this unless she's seen her own share of horrors. I like her relationship with Lewis and how it teases around the edges, so if you'd like a canon-focus, anything that can shed some more light on that. She could be just as smart as Lewis, if only given the chance.

M. Lewis: Oh, Lewis. You are a stupid, stupid man and I wonder how Clark has put up with you as long as he has. You are rash, impulsive, and so incredibly brilliant. How did this universe version of you get to where you are? When you come across things that say 'do not push the button' do you ALWAYS push the button, or are there exceptions? What's your past love life look like? How and why does Clark put up with you the way he does? What's going on with Magdalene anyway? Did you help Napolean count his American money as the ink was drying on the treaty? Is there anything that gives you pause at all?

York: I love York, he's hands down my favorite character - He's a slave, yes, but he still has a quiet stoicism to him and is one of the most hearty of the lot. He's reserved and tries to play his cards right. The comic includes him, out of necessity, but doesn't explore him very much, except to show that he's quite competent, and quite bound to Clark. I think we know more about him from history than we do getting any insights in this historical fiction - and yet, that's still up in the air. His history seems to be lost in the wind and could have gone in a number of directions. We know he'd been with the Clark family since Clark was a small child - but we also know that he's bearing the mental load of these monsters very well. Maybe York has a familiarity with monsters that aren't just human? There are three different potential 'endings' to York's life; what if there were three potential beginnings as well? Which ending is most-likely given the story as it's progressing now? How deep is York's 'loyalty' to Clark? Does York buy into the Southern notion of honor or does he have his own honor code he tries to live by? What is York's end goal and how is he trying to achieve it?

Sacajawea: First, yes. The comic spells it Sacagawea. I spell it the way I nominated it and didn't realize we were spelling it differently until after review had closed; feel free to correct the spelling if you tag her. She's my exception to wanting backstory (if you wanted, I wouldn't object!). Names have power. And yet, for her, she does not have a proper name. She has an amalgamation, a best guess of an English tongue's interpretation of one of many Native languages. Her whole identity hinges on this, and yet it's an erasure of sorts. Contrast that to the comics, in which words have power in a different way and the role she and her child have to play in the greater scheme of things. I'd love anything that's a a play on words with her; anything about lost-in-translation and what that means. Is she ever just a scared little girl? If she could abscond right now, what would that look like? She really thinks she's superior to everyone on the expedition, what is some of her internal monologue as they encounter these monsters? She has a begrudging, limited respect for Magdalene - what can she do to help Magdalene gain an edge over Lewis (and Clark)?

If you want to read more about her name and how it has been lost:

If you signed up wanting to write characters together, hopefully this covers everything: I like fighting monsters and the aftermath of fighting monsters. I love conflict about what to do next. I like the small peaceful moments they can have in the wild west. I love distrust and unreliable narrators. If you wanted to do an AU: Sacajawea and the baby - what if at any point she loses the baby? Does that change the nature of the story? Or what if she says more during her fever dream that lets everyone realize her true 'sacrifice' intent? What if York picks up enough of a Native language and is offered his freedom if he turns on his white captors? What if Lewis falls in 'love' with a Native? What if Magdalene has had enough of this BS and she and the girls go out on their own? What if she's actually treated as an equal? What if it was Clark and Magdalene on the boat and Lewis and York on the shore? No matter what I'd like to see Magdalene and York as allies and/or York and Sacajawea as allies.

DNW: Rape as a tragic backstory, rape as a plot point, nominated character death, Natives as villains, the dumbing down of clearly intelligent characters, kidfic (outside of Sacajawea's baby)

Nimona, Goldenloin, Ballister

Oh what tales we weave, when first we learn to deceive. I want happy endings for my fabulously flawed characters! Ballister and Nimona MUST reunite and Goldenloin MUST come along too and there must be HIJINKS of all sorts. Ballister being all sciency and Goldenloin being all dramatic and the two of them being so stupidly stubborn and Nimona all 'wtf did I come back for if this is what I was getting?' but also the notion of found family and forgiveness and learning to move forward. And loyalty and trust and how the two don't have to go hand in hand but often do, and how you can love someone but not condone everything they do and if there were unreliable narrators all throughout this, it would be fantastic.

Basically, this is a wonderful, quirky little fandom and I'd love anything post-series happily-ever-after for it!

Paper Girls
Mac, Tiff

I offered these two together, but if something takes you in a direction that is for only one of them, go for it! I only ask that if you're not including the other nominated character, you don't include KC or Erin either.

I love Paper Girls, the end. Time-travel and crossing streams, and nothing is as it seems. So many questions. So many rules that don't seem to make sense. How many Erin's are there, actually? I would love any flash-forward or flash-back sequences, alternative timelines, things that never happened but could have, things that still could happen, basically anything that plays with time and stories. Telling the same story multiple times with slight changes each time to play with butterfly theory (the girls wind up in a diner in 1950. In one version, Mac has her watch. In the other, she does and it's broken. In the third, no watch. Just as an example!). The girls in new places, the girls in old places, the girls confronting their futures, especially CHANGED futures, the girls encountering lovers or other unexpected people (what do you mean, I married Jimmy from kindergarten?!, that hadn't happened before!). If you want to take a heavily approach: does knowing the future mean you can change it?

On another tack, I really like the line "If your friends aren't made of dreams, they're probably already dead." We know the iBrain device gives people nightmares. There's a lot of dreaming and what is or isn't real that gets played with. Exploring anything with dreams in that vein would be fantastic. Feel free to make it as surrealistic or as logical as you'd like. There are no rules in dreams.

I like Mac's tough exterior hiding how scared she is. Mac seems very used to getting handed the short end of the stick, but she still cares enough about people to say, organize a group of girls against attackers on Halloween. She doesn't know how to handle emotions and hides it under her gruff exterior (like yelling at KJ for her stupid plan, even it was successful). I don't want her completely softened, but anything that plays with her vulnerabilities is a win for me.

I love how smart Tiff is. I like that she figured out the shithole stick completely calmly, without any sort of 'egads!' moment. She had the idea for using the iBrainScrambler. It seems she can pick up the 'rules' of this time-travel just as quickly as she can think on her feet. I would love a story that lets her shine in that regard. Tiff was attacked by her past, and I'd like to see her embrace that; it seems that it's a driver for her to act the way that she is on these adventures.

DNW: major character death, child abuse, underage beyond kissing (they are twelve)

Saga (Comics)

Felicia Day likes Saga and I like her, so I like Saga (basically). I've been a fan of Petrichor from the very start. I love how she's not afraid to speak her mind, even if she's in a terrible place to be doing so. She's got this devil-may-care attitude and she gives zero shits about it. She even does this to Hazel a few times, but she tones it down for the kid. She's dead loyal to the kid and would sacrifice herself for her. Despite that, she's never as strong as she seems, and she had that moment of weakness. I really just want Petrichor to be happy, I'm certain Vaughn will kill her off in some spectacular sacrificial way and I'm dreading getting to that point. Before we get there - happy! I just want Petrichor to finally have some happiness, however it comes. Whether that's with the Prince or someone else, please just give Petrichor a happy ending. If she has to leave the ship to settle on some distant world where nobody will bother her, SO BE IT. No backstory, or pre-series, no tragedy, no untimely deaths, no bad guys. Just happiness.

I read this serially, so incorporate anything current (unless it's her death and then just pretend whatever events led up to it never happened).
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I've requested fanfic for all, but Tricks and Treats switch. My general likes and dislikes shift depending on the fandom. I might like fast-paced dialogue heavy fic in one (The West Wing) but abhor it in another (His Dark Materials). I make prompt-specific exceptions for non-con. Please keep that in mind for the below prompts:

Doctor Who: Donna, The Silence
ToT: Trick

Donna is a character I have a complicated history with. I loathed her when she aired, but still agreed that she got a terrible ending that erased her entire character arc. On reruns I've come around to her, probably because I know what's coming and that colors how I look at her season. Martha's still my favorite companion, but Donna's now a pretty close second. The Silence are my favorite villains (it was the angels before they were completely ruined) and the first episode with them was superb. Somehow Donna and the Silence have always gone together in my mind, and I'd love to see something explored with that ... something deep and dark and totally smutty. Donna takes on the Silence, but the Silence take Donna ---> literally no holds barred to this prompt. No DNW. Non-con, character death, blood and gore, it's all okay.

IF THAT IS NOT YOUR CUP OF TEA, DO NOT PANIC. Donna is lovely and the Silence are terrifying, so my likes below should help you out - I will love whatever you write!

-shadows that go bump in the night
-literally taking place during Halloween
-fearless Donna
-brave Donna
-Donna doesn't need the Doctor
-characters in costume
-things in costumes (or not) that are definitely not human
-the Silence love stealing candy from children during Halloween
-the Silence are the monsters in the dark
-the Silence just need a night to relax
-the Silence play pranks on each other
-nobody coming to the rescue
-alternatively, the worst rescue ever

Good Omens - War, Pepper
ToT: Trick or Treat

Pepper and War are my two favorite non-main characters. I'd love to see them together, in some fashion, but if not the likes below should apply to both of them! I adore the Martin Jarvis audiobook and will probably read this with his voice in my head (if that helps with getting into the characters). For this, I really dislike common understanding amongst enemies (except A/C) or sympathy for the enemy, etc. And as that relates to Pepper and War, I don't want either of them taking pity on them who isn't already on their side. Pepper 'playing' War during a sex rp with a partner would be fun to see (Pepper into BDSM of all/any sorts would be great). War as a constant ravager, even when she's trying not to be, also good. War knowing exactly what she's doing and reveling in it, also good.

I love how the novel breaks the 4th wall, and would love it incorporated in some way.

General likes:
-unhappy endings
-standalone scenes with no ties to larger plot
-stymied plots due to the actions of an unrelated character (butterfly affect)
-angels as ghosts, demons as ghosts, everyone's a ghost
-finding things in common with your enemy
-but they're still you're enemy
-and you're definitely still out to get them
-captured damsels who are not in distress and very crass about rescue attempts
-captured damsels who ARE in distress but think they have a way out of it (they don't)
-accidentally summoning of either Horsemen or the Spawn of Satan
-characters appearing in non-humanoid form
-sex scenes gone so very wrong
-any sex scene limited to handcuffs, blindfolds, whipped cream, and/or vibrators
-Breaking of the 4th wall

-AU of any kind
-character death (War can have temporary character death) (unless they're all dead, then no death-like incapacitating actions)
-characters coming to some 'understand the enemy and have compassion' moments
-please no War and Pepper as a couple (though feel free to ship them with literally anyone else)
-underage (Pepper only)
-any kink other than outlined in the likes
-Crowley and Aziraphale (except in passing or to offer up some sidebar commentary/narration) (actually the two of them arguing about how a story happened would likely be hilarious and if you want to do it, go for it, but the point is I don't want them IN the story with Pepper and/or War)

Saga - Petrichor
Tot: Treat

I really would like to see Petrichor gets some lovin' (robot prince or otherwise). Poor girl deserves it. I would like the basic theme of canon kept in place (no AU plot deviations), but don't worry about fitting it into the canon timeline.

General Likes:
-Happy endings
-a story that doesn't take itself too seriously
-characters in costume
-mistaken identities*
-Petrichor acting sweet around Hazel
-Petrichor snarking the hell off everyone but Hazel
-Petrichor grumbling about how much she hates something but she gives in and finds she actual is enjoying herself
-Anything set inside the treeship
-crazy plot with supernatural elements (maybe they pass by a planet and there are ghosts, or they land and things are covered in mist and basically the start of every horror movie ever)

-Character death
-transphobic comments/characters
-*non-con (for the purposes of 'mistaken identities' you can assume that the sex is consensual across identities), blood-play, race play (as it would apply to the comic)

Finally, I read this serially, so feel free to incorporate anything character-wise we learn into this. Unless Petrichor dies and then just pretend that never ever happened and let me live my life in peaceful denial.

The Decoy Bride - any
ToT: Treat

I adore this movie. I'm not sure how I first found it to watch, but it's amazing and in my permanent Netflix queue. You could pick any of the characters and do anything with them (including ship them with anyone, even unhappily) and I would be happy. I would like it set on the island.

General likes for this:
-unreliable narrator (I feel this has to be a given)
-plot twists happening due to geography and/or weather
-ambiguous endings
-the haunted toilet really being haunted
-other things haunted that are not the toilet and manifest in unusual ways
-the characters falling befoul of some ancient law on the island
-said law having supernatural roots
-said supernatural roots then manifesting
-especially zombies
-a lack of supplies on the island making life difficult
-interrupted sex scenes (especially if supernatural elements cause it) (or if said sex act triggers the ancient law)

-major character death (temporary character death is okay)
-graphic depictions of violence (blood, gore, etc)
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First Imma highlight the fics I got that I liked. )

Now onto what I wrote!

First my mainfic.

A Brief History of the Witches and Their Culture (8068 words)
Fandom: His Dark Materials - Philip Pullman
Characters: Serafina Pekkala, Kaisa, Ruta Skadi, Farder Coram, Lord Asriel, Sergi

A series of events that explore the history and culture of the Lapland and Latvian Witch Clans. It's very etymology-dense, so there is a companion etymology guide that can be found here

I laboured so intensely on this fic. And Neb was my beta and I seriously couldn't have done it without her. I did mountains of etymology research, and picking out just the right name [aside: neb, if I drove you crazy with that, I'm sorry], followed by writing this story, which I called my 'dead carp' story because there were times when I was frustrated with it and it wasn't a pretty minnow or koi fic that was going to get ninemillion comments, and it was looong, and people don't read longfics, especially ones that start off and rely heavily on original characters. All of my fears went out the window when the recipient not only loved the fic, but loved the etymology guide that I made just for the fic as well. It is also the first fic in the AO3 archive to feature Ruta Skadi. Of all the HDM prompts I could have been assigned, I am very pleased I was assigned this one.

Followed by all the pinch-hits/gifts:

Lilo All Growed Up (164 words)
Fandom: Lilo & Stitch (2002)
A drabbleish for spoke because Lilo and Stitch cannot help but be awesome, and spoke totes understands this.

Intrepid Journalist Rachel Maddow Meets A Very Modern [And Political] Sleeping Beauty (1671 words)
Fandom: Fairy Tales & Related Fandoms, Pundit RPF
Characters: Rachel Maddow, Princess Aurora, Narrator, Sleeping Beauty aka Briar Rose

In Far Far Away, the Princess goes missing and Rachel Maddow investigates. A modern take on Sleeping Beauty, with a few ... twists. The first twist being Rachel Maddow.

It's whimsical and awesome. :D

A Trans Look At A Moz Song (1046 words)
Fandom: Swords (Morrissey Album), Morrissey (Musician)
Characters: the good looking man about town, Narrator

When you go home at night, and peel back your layers, what is underneath? Is your flesh a reflection of your layers? I wish I could gaze on it, I wish I could wear it as my own. I wish I could lie with it, with you, that we could both be men about town.

For raedbard. <3 you, nothing more, nothing less.

Hashtag (1207 words)
Fandom: Webcomics (Creators) RPF
Rating: Mature
Characters: Joey Comeau, Emily Horne, Ryan North

An innocent twitter #hashtag sets of a sequence of events that leads to quite the interesting party.

So, this was a pinch-hit that five hours later hadn't been claimed. And I looked it over, realised I read A Softer World, and figured I'd give it a go. And thus this fic was born. [Also? I believe this is the first time I've ever done RPS. And the person who betaed this for me *knows* the people involved. It was a level of odd I'm not sure I want to do again - unless someone knows TWW cast. And then I will be a puddle of squee and unable to do anything].

Joshua Donovan Does 'Secret Santa' (1075 words)
Fandom: Warehouse 13
Characters: Artie Nielsen, Joshua Donovan, Claudia Donovan

Joshua talks us though the events of 2.13 - Secret Santa

You have to have seen the episode to really understand what's happening in this fic, since it's the episode as told through Joshua's pov.
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Hokay. I wasn't going to do this, but several people have talked me into this [okay, and a shiny spreadsheet].

Hi Author!

I don't want to box you in, which is why I've avoided writing a letter thus far. But really, when I say 'write me a story' that is pretty much all I mean, save for a few details.

Thirteen Ways of Looking At A Blackbird - Wallace Stevens
Man, Woman, Blackbird
Tell me a story! No incest/non/dub-con.

CROSSOVER OPTION: Emily Dickenson's Hope is the thing with feathers. I mean, c'mon. There's no reason why the little bird that sings the tune without the words *can't* be the blackbird.

Oedipus Cycle - Sophocles
Laius, Oedipus
Tell me a story! No non/dub con, please. Incest kinda comes with the territory, though I'd rather you didn't.

Le Petit Prince
The Fox, The Prince
à cause de la couleur du blé' is the saddest line I have ever read.

And yet ...
'Quand je pense à tous les livres qu’il me reste à lire, j’ai la certitude d’être encore heureux.' Jules Renard

His Dark Materials
Iorek Byrnison, Serafina Pekkala, Xaphania
What comes after?

I'd like Lyra's efforts - if any - to be of as little focus as possible, and focus instead on these other 'major' characters.

No non/dub con, incest, la la, all that jazz, please.


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