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I love classical Christmas music.

I'm a senior in college, though I'm not a typical student. I really want my senior thesis to be about Africa, but that all depends on how well I sell it to my (hopeful) advisor.

I miss Hawai`i everyday.

Love is Mpls.

I track the snow on Svalbard. That's only because on the Tree theme in Gmail, it's so pretty when it snows, and it snows on Svalbard early and often.

I write fanfiction. For fun. I don't profess to be fabulous at it.

[by [info]katshakespeare]

Norman Borlaug is was one of my heroes and I'm sad that a) I didn't get to meet him and b) he wasn't able to be grand marshal in the homecoming parade [Stadium Village. Now with stadium].

At his memorial service, his friend told of his last day with Norm and how he'd asked Norm if there was anything he could do for his friend. And Norm says, 'yes, there is something you can do. I never fixed Africa. I still have to do Africa'. I have hope and faith that a new Norman Borlaug will rise up to Africa. I have faith in the Patrice's of Africa today.

I wish I wrote more about the important things.

I don't care if you take any of the icons, I just care that you credit the original photography ones.
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